San Juan del Sur Independance Day celebration
Ometepe Island Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Flowers in bloom at Rancho Cecilia San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Nicaragua, land of lakes,
volcanos, picturesque
And, Flor de Cana Rum
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
was once a tranquil fishing village that has transformed
into a cool, beach town for the adventure traveler.
Surfing, sailing, fishing, hiking and long walks on
beautiful sandy beaches are just a few of the
activities that are available in San Juan del Sur
and the surrounding bays!
Rancho Cecilia is located in the country 7 kilometers
north of San Juan del Sur.
Nestled in a tropical woodland setting, 1 kilometer inland from
Playa Maderas, (as the crow flies) the most consistent surf
spot in Southern Nicaragua.

We are an environmentally friendly, off the grid, Eco-rancho,
situated on 2 manzanas (3.5 acres) Our electrical needs are
met through our solar and wind powered electrical system.
We have vegetable gardens for our fresh veggies and native
cashew trees on our property.

We are an animal friendly Rancho with a great variety of
native wildlife including howler monkeys, tropical birds,
opossums, turtles and frogs.
And, our domestic family of dogs and cats too!!!
Rancho Cecilia is located in
the tropics, on the Pacific
side of Southern Nicaragua.
We have two distinct seasons,
the wet season and the dry
season. The wet season
(invierno) winter is
May-October. A quick
thundershower or a downpour
may be the daily rain at this
time of the year. This is the
time of the year when the
jungle is lush and green. The
dry season (verano) summer is
November-April. Early in the
dry season thundershowers
are not uncommon and the
jungle is still beautifully
green. As the dry season
progresses, the jungle dries
out with almost no rain for
five months. During the dry
season it is easier to spot our
native wildlife, especially the
howler monkeys.
Average temperatures year
round are:
Daytime 80*F-90*F
Nighttime 74*F-80*F
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Our current weather is
San Juan del Sur