A un-identified Cuckoo, Another of our flying friends here at Rancho Cecilia, Nicaragua
Wildlife, Creek turtle at Rancho Cecilia, San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Preying mantis laying eggs at Rancho Cecilia, Nicaragua
Marine toad at Rancho Cecilia hanging out in our outdoor sink, San Juan del Sur
At Playa Maderas, a Turtle coming ashore to lay eggs in Southern Nicaragua
Wildlife, One of our colorful grasshoppers here at Rancho Cecilia, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur near Playa Maders, two female howler monkeys playing around for us!
Howler monkey at Rancho Cecilia near Playa Maderas San Juan del Sur
Magpie Jay at Rancho Cecilia, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Playa Marsella, Turtle hatching near San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Tropical birds, Orange fronter Parakeet at Rancho Cecilia
Nicaragua, Our flowers in bloom with our bees at Rancho Cecilia
Nicaraguan Marine Toad, he likes our dogs water bowls!
Pygmy owl at Rancho Cecilia San Juan del Sur
Playa Maderas hermit crab
Squirrel jumping from tree to tree at Rancho Cecilia
Wildlife in San Juan del Sur
Rancho Cecilia was built with as minimal disruption to
the environment as possible.
Therefore we have the pleasure of enjoying our
closest neighbors, the woodland creatures that still
call Rancho Cecilia home! All our photos on our web
site have been taken right here! Here are some of
our neighbors that you may meet while visiting us!
The Howler Monkeys!
We have a small family of howler
monkeys, a young male and two females,
last year they had their first baby and
this year they just had another one!
They travel along the trees and down by
the creek. You can hear them most
often, in the early morning talking with
another troop of monkeys that live
behind our property!
Birds! Any birders out there that
want to visit and help us identify
our birds? We have many
different type of tropical birds
that live with us!
Any herpetologists out there?
This creek turtle is some
type of snapper! Liz found
that out the hard way, while
trying to get his best side
for the photo!
Frogs and Toads,
we have many different types
here at Rancho Cecilia. They
like to hang around the dogs'
water bowls in the dry season!
This Tortuga was lost one morning at
Playa Maderas. She came ashore a bit
too far north, as they usually lay eggs
at La Flor turtle preserve
Entomologists, we have alot of cool insects
too! This preying mantis was laying her
eggs right on the patio table at the
Casita! And this grasshopper was on our
surfboard bag one morning!
A New Years Eve treat Turtle
hatching at Playa Marsella