About Us


Who are we and how did we get here?


We are Scott Behrens and Elizabeth (Liz) Hart-Behrens.

Just a couple of adventurous travelers that set off to find some good surf on our sailboat

"Ocean Lady" in 2004

We sailed over 15,000 miles up and down the Pacific coast of California,

Mexico and Central America with 2 dogs and a cat!


We sailed into Nicaragua in the Spring of 2007 and fell in love with the country, the people

and the surf!


So, we swallowed the anchor and settled down on our little slice of paradise and built us Rancho Cecilia

Meet Our Furry Family!

  • Mocha, Lilly Mae, Grapples, Bear, Indigo, and Toes
  • Lilly the Queen of the pack
  • Toes in "her" hammock
  • Scott playing ball with Bear, Toes, Indigo and Mocha at Playa Maderas


Lilly Mae, who came into our life while doing a road trip when we sailing in Mexico. She is a rescue street puppy from Casa Raab in Oaxaca, Mexico.
She's now ten years old and the Queen of the pack!

Indigo is our street puppy rescue from Rivas, Nicaragua. She is the shy one of the pack. She's nine years old, but still a big happy puppy!

Mocha, our San Juan del Sur puppy rescue. Mocha is now also nine years old and is the surfer of the furry family!

Meet the cachorros, yes, we have three more little ones, they are now a bit over three years old but still puppies! What can we say except they needed a home and someone has to love them!

Grapples, Toes and Bears!

And the Cats!

  • Dinner time with Spud, Jassie and Tripster
  • Tripster and Spud
  • Jassie Kitty


Tripster,our rock rescue cat from Mazatlan, Mexico. Tripster was the leader of the dock kittens at Marina Mazatlan in the summer of 2006. He had no fear of our dogs and since we only had 1 cat on board, why not add another! He is now eleven years old and enjoying life on land


Sylvester, or as we call him "Spud" He was a kitten from Pelican Eye's adoption sanctuary that has been working on using up his 

"Nine" lives fast!

Yes, he is missing a leg but that doesn't stop him from getting around. He is now seven years old. Listen for him playing around on the

roof at night!

And, meet Jasmine our new kitty, she is a bit over three years old and still learning to live with 6 dogs!