Surfing Nicaragua

  • Empty wave at Playa Maderas San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
  • Surfing with Rancho Cecilia, Liz on a good right at Playa Maderas
  • Surf lesson with Rancho Cecilia at Playa Maderas
  • Fun day at Playa Maderas with Manuel of Los Tres Hermanos
  • Mocha Mae, surfing at Playa Maderas
  • Larry enjoying a great swell for Semana Santa at Playa Maderas Nicaragua
  • Surf lessons for kids with Rancho Cecilia
  • Jeremy on a good right at Playa Maderas
  • Surfing at Playa Remanso, fun day trip with Rancho Cecilia
  • Playa Hermosa, always a fun surf trip with Rancho Cecilia Nicaragua

Surfing Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur and Playa Maderas 

 with Rancho Cecilia! 

Enjoy a great surfing vacation in Nicaragua with over 300 days a year of off shore winds!

Our off-shore winds are really the Caribbean trade winds which blow across the country, from the Atlantic Coast.

These winds blow across Lake Nicaragua, the largest fresh water lake in Central America and across to our Pacific Coast, providing us with our wave grooming winds. 


If you're looking for a Surf vacation then Rancho Cecilia is the place to visit. We surf, that is why we live here, come spend your vacation surfing with us!


Surf Coaching: Our Speciality!

Custom tailored for you, one on one

or you and your group of friends,


Let's get you on some of the best waves of your life!  

Perfect for novice and intermediate surfers


Come on a surf vacation to Rancho Cecilia and lets do some personalized surf coaching!  Whether you are a novice surfer that is ready to advance from riding the white water to getting out in the  line up and into the barrell of a wave, or an intermediate surfer that wants to get the most out of your surf session at a new break, we can provide  personalized coaching to help you catch more waves and do more turns. 


Surf Coaching:

$40 per surf session includes surfboard rental


Surf Lessons:
We offer beginner and novice surf lessons taught by either Liz or Scott, both of whom have been surfing non-stop for over 25 years!

Or enjoy a surf lesson with our fun "surf interns"!

We have been teaching people to surf for a couple of decades.

Surf lessons are $35 for an hour including surfboard rental 



Surf Trips:

We do surf trips via land and panga to various surf breaks, both north and south of San Juan del Sur


Surf day at Playa Maderas is $ Free for our guests
(Our local surf break)


Surf day at Playa Hermosa $15 per person minimum 2 people (includes entry fee) Playa Hermosa is south of San Juan del Sur, has a palapa restaurant on the beach and horseback riding.


Surf day via panga $150.00  to $250.00 for ½ day ( Includes picnic lunch). Enjoy surfing our surf spots that are accessible by boat.
Go North for Manzanillo, Colorado, Panga Drops, Popoyo
Or South for Tamarindo, Hermosa, Yankee


Surf board rental:
Don't want to travel with your surf board? We have surf boards for rent. Short boards, long boards, fun boards and boogie boards.
Surf board rentals $12.50 per day
Boogie board rental $5.50 per day