Transportation to San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

from the International airport in Managua


Options for transportation from the airport are shuttle services,
taxis, car rentals and riding the bus.


The Augusto C. Sandino International airport is located in Managua, about 125 kilometers from San Juan del Sur


You will drive out of the city of Managua onto the Pan American Highway which is a two lane highway and goes through numerous small towns on your way to San Juan del Sur

By shuttle service, taxi or private vehicle it is about a two and a half to three hour drive.

By bus about a four to five hour trip as the bus makes many stops along the way.


This is the main highway of Central America with everything on the road from the normal cars, trucks and taxis to semi-trucks, livestock trucks, three wheel taxis, ox carts and bicycles!


Rancho Cecilia is located 7 kilometers north of the town of San Juan del Sur.

We are located off the Chocolata Road which is the Coast Highway of Nicaragua. And are in the

Playa Maderas neighborhood

Renting a vehicle is a good idea if you want the freedom to explore all our beaches both north and south

of the town of San Juan del Sur and for nights out on the town!


Though, Nicaragua is still a developing country and Rancho Cecilia is located in the countryside and the common mode of transportation is hitch hiking and many of our guests have enjoyed meeting many locals this way.

If you are renting a vehicle, a 4X4 is recommended, especially in the rainy season. If you will be here in the dry season you can get by with a high clearance, front wheel drive, vehicle.

If you will be renting a vehicle we will send you detailed driving directions along with your reservation confirmation.

Also driving in the dark is NOT recommended. Ox carts and horse carts don't have driving lights and neither do some of the cars! Please make sure you time your arrival before sunset around 1800, so you can be sure of finding us.

If you will not be renting a vehicle and will be arriving to

San Juan de Sur by bus, it is easy to find a local taxi for transport to Rancho Cecilia and the local taxi drivers will know where our driveway entrance is located to Rancho Cecilia as our landmark is Bar Guanacaste a local bar in our Playa Maderas neighborhood.


If you are considering taking a shuttle from the airport, we work with a good, reliable transport company out of San Juan del Sur that is similarly priced as the taxis at the airport but will bring you all the way to

Rancho Cecilia, not just into San Juan del Sur.
Ask us and we can get you a price quote.


And, Victor, our foreman has motorcycles and bicycles available for rent to our guests!